Trevi Alchemy (A5800) Shower Spares
Trevi Alchemy (A5800) Shower Spares
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Trevi Alchemy A5800 Shower Spares

Pick from the list below, referring to the diagram. Some spares have been discontinued.

Ref: 1 Front cover plate - A963619AA

Ref: 2 Back cover plate - A963618AA

Ref: 3 Cover plate fixing screws 50 mm need to order x2 - A918434AA

Ref:4b Globe therm handle cap - A907070AA

Ref: 4c Alchemy temperature handle carrier - A960184NU

Ref:6b Alchemy volume handle - A960187AA

Ref:7b Alchemy temperature handle - A960186AA

Ref:8b Temperature control handle screw - A918416

Ref:9 Shroud - A962599AA

Ref:10 Volume control handle carrier - A923348 

Ref:10b Alchemy volume control handle carrier - A960185NU

Ref: 10c O-rings for Alchemy volume handle carrier - A960183NU

Ref: 12 Gear box sealing washer - A911940

Ref:15 Gear/ wheel drive shaft - A953155NU11

Ref: 16 Gear/clutch wheels - pair - A960489NU 

Ref:18 ½" cartridge - A952501NU11 

Ref:19 Thermostatic control cartridge - S960134NU

Ref:20 Temperature handle extension - A963649NU

Ref:21 Temperature adjustment carrier complete - A953957NU11

Ref:28 Shower Hose - E4745AA


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