Falcon waterless Urinal Cartridges
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S6282 Falcon Velocity Replacement Cartridge for Aridian

Waterless Urinal Cartridges at FixTheBog helping the Environment.

For anyone who has had the pleasure of having to use a urinal will appreciate how unpleasant this can actually be. That is unless you are using a urinal of the waterless variety. Not only are you helping to save the planet by lowering water consumption, you are also making it a more pleasant experience due to it being odourless as well as removing 98% of all airborne bacteria. 

Urinal water usage accounts for some 156,000 tonnes of Co2 in the water collection, distribution and treatment process.
For example: In the South West of England an 'unregulated' urinal system flushing with 6.5 litres every 10 minutes at an average combined potable water/sewage charge of £5.08* per cubic meter will cost £1736 per annum.

Ideal Standard, Aridian bowls from Armitage Shanks are the most popular waterless urinal in the uk.

For many businesses, converting to water-free urinals is the simplest and most cost effective way to reduce non-operational/potable water consumption and achieve a positive environmental impact.

At FixTheBog we sell packs of cartridges as well as singularly as it is recommended that they should be changed every six months.