Side Entry Inlet Valve
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Ideal Standard Side Toilet Inlet Valves

Side inlet valves are a type of valve used in plumbing systems. They are typically used to control the flow of water into a toilet tank or a similar water storage unit.

As the name suggests, side inlet valves have an inlet connection on the side of the valve body. This allows water to enter the valve from the side rather than from the bottom or top.

One of the main advantages of side inlet valves is their compact design. The side inlet connection allows for a more streamlined valve body, making it easier to install in tight spaces. This can be particularly useful in toilets where space is limited.

Side inlet valves also offer flexibility in installation. They can be installed with either a top or bottom fill configuration, depending on the specific requirements of the plumbing system. This allows for greater adaptability in different plumbing setups.

In terms of functionality, side inlet valves operate similarly to other types of fill valves. When the toilet tank is empty, the valve opens to allow water to flow in. Once the tank is filled, the valve closes to stop the flow of water. This helps to maintain the desired water level in the tank.

Overall, side inlet valves are a reliable and space-saving option for controlling water flow in plumbing systems. Whether in residential or commercial applications, they provide an efficient solution for filling water storage units such as toilet tanks.