Replacing ROCA hinge set

Roca Toilet Hinge set fitting instructions.

Please see below a step by step guide on how to replace your Roca hinge set.

1. Using Allen (hex) key you have to unscrew the hinge body from the toilet. Behind the metal part of the seat, there are hex screws – if you cannot find them by touch, try using a small mirror. You don’t need to screw them out completely, you just need to make them loose enough to take off the toilet seat

2. When you have successfully unscrewed the whole toilet seat, lay it on a towel or a piece of cloth upside down. The cover can get scratched so it is best not to lay it on the floor.

3. You will notice that each hinge has 2 caps. One has easy access to the screw, the other one doesn’t. Unscrew 1 screw from the bottom seat, where the access is easy (2) on the ROCA reference chart above. The cap is marked AD (“Asiento Derecha” for “Seat Right” in Spanish.)

4. Now you can slide the cover sideways from the hinge. Carefully – everything will fall apart. Slide all the elements out and lay them so you know where everything goes

5. On the top cover you have plugs which cover the screws. You have to use a knife to take them out.

6. Replace the caps on the top cover. On every cap inside there is an etched letter. You need:

  • TD – “Tapa Derecha” for “Cover Right” in Spanish.
  • TI – “Tapa Izquierda” for “Cover Left” in Spanish

7. After replacing the caps and screws in the top cover put the new plugs on the screws.

8. Replace the AI cap (“Asiento Izquierda” for “Seat Left”) on the bottom seat

9. Put everything together – it is easiest when the seat is upside down on a towel

10. Screw in the last cap – AD (Asiento Derecha for Seat Right)

11. Put the whole seat in with the metal bolts coming out of the toilet

12. Screw in the hex screws