Honeywell Powerhead Valves
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Honeywell Powerhead Valves

The Honeywell Replacement Powerhead Motorised Values is designed for field replacement of heads for port motorised valves.

This positive head can be used to replace the removable valve heads without any system drainage.

Easy to installation with just two screws and two locating pegs used to connect the heads to the body.

Features and Benefits:

  • Replacement Powerhead for Motorised Values
  • Change the Powerhead without Swapping Out the Whole Valve
  • Operates Quietly Ensuring Minimal Noise Disruption
  • Energy Efficient with a Power Consumption of Just 6 Watts
  • Motor Open
  • Powerhead is Replaceable Without any Draining Down Required
  • Size: 94 x116 x 126mm (HWD)