The Story behind FixTheBog - How did we come to be one of the leading plumbing & heating spare part providers?

1996, a property build began on an old farm house in the countryside of Berkshire. As with any house build, spares of all types, shapes and sizes were required. Could they be attained without extensive hassle? No, is the firm answer. After experiencing scarily expensive spares, terrible communication, long lead times, slow delivery, terrible picture quality - frustration was running high.

So what started out as a house build ended up in the birth of a family-run plumbing and heating business “dripping” with commercial capability. Named in good humor, FixTheBog. Starting out with a single product, Macdee syphons, the range is rapidly growing to now being over 4000 product lines including top choice brands (at great prices).

With a continually growing team who are just at the other end of the phone to offer friendly purchasing and technical support. The majority of which are women who very much enjoy surprising (sometimes skeptical) customers with their plumbing knowledge, FixTheBog is going from strength to strength.

Whether you are shopping as a domestic or commercial customer, our product range at FixTheBog has been carefully selected to offer the quality toilet spares that you need to get the job done. Our great supplier relationship ensures that we are up to date with the latest product releases and advances to keep our customers provided for and ahead of the game. When backed up by a service that when ordered before the cut off is guaranteed to be out our door that day and if selected can even be at your door the next.