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Frequently Asked Questions

Diaphragm & Seals

FTB Product Question Answer


Armitage Shanks Diaphragm 

It used to have red pin but it is now a white pin? We source directly from the manufacturer and they have confirmed that although the colour of the pin has changed, this is still exactly the same product.


Armitage Shanks Diaphragm 

It does not fit (Yours may have a ridge on the underneath of the diaphragm.) If it is not compatible you may need a slightly different diaphragm that cannot be purchased invidually. We do offer this product as part of a tradepack, which can be found by searching our website for FTB2657.


Seal & Clip 

I have measured the seal I wish to replace and mine is smaller?

The Measurements shown are of the seals original state, the seal can distort and shrink dramatically over time through hard water.


Gainsborough Shower Engine




 Does Gainsborough shower engine include white pressure release nozzle?  No




Is this engine compatible with my Gainsborough shower?

The product description of each shower engine lists the models it replaces, for this you will need the model number of your Gainsborough shower. However if you do not have the model number you will need to get in touch with Gainsborough directly.

Push Buttons & Levers

  Can you confirm whether I am buying the correct push button?

If you can send a photograph of your flushing valve and the button you wish to replace to we will then be able to ensure you are purchasing the correct item.

  Can you tell me the best way to identify the correct toilet lever/handle for my cistern?

Ask customer for any code underneath the lid of your cistern and search in Ideal Standard Fast Part. This will tell you compatible handle. Please then search our website for the correct part

  Can we buy the item that screws the button into the flush valve?

The part you require is the 'plate' which comes as part of bridge, this item should have come with your purchase of the flush valve. This plate is not sold individually but the bridge can be purchased which includes the plate; FTB954.

Flush Valves

FTB590 &


What is the difference between these two flush valves? The FTB590 (old style) only has 1 hole in the centre and 4 triangular pieces surrounding this hole whereas the FTB594 (new style) has three holes at the top of the valve.

FTB529 &


Aside from the FTB529 including a button what is the difference between these two valves?

The FTB529 has a shorter thread and includes a flush button.

The FTB530 has a longer thread and no flush button included

Brass Fittings


My brass Y splitter is failing to seal

a) The thread on the existing tee or Washing machine shut off is of lower quality and there is not enough threads to make the seal. As an example if you count the number of threads on our Y splitter, there is 5, the ones we have looked at only contain two or three threads. Unfortunately, this is caused by a cost cutting on the production of the existing washing machine tee.


b) The actual shut off valve itself is blocking / preventing the nut from sealing. This is again caused by the lack of thread on the existing tee / shut off valve as detailed below. One workaround for this is the remove the small blue or red lever (attached by a single Phillips screw) in the close position. Retighten the Y Shaped brass splitter; turn the valve on with pliers, ensure no leaks and then refit the handle. The other alternative is to replace the existing shut off valve with one of better quality.

Heating & Diverter Valves


One valve is closed and does not open? One is operational (a wheel head valve) the other is fixed (Lockshield valve)


One valve is closed and does not open One is operational (a wheel head valve) the other is fixed (Lockshield valve) The lock shield has a shorter handle which is actually a cover that pulls off. The flow is then set with an allen key then the square cap pushes in again.

Diverter Valves

Can you buy the little back box separately? Not that we are aware of.

Tap Kits

 FTB007 What is the measurement of 600mm flange?  Diameter of Brass Flange - 60mm, 1/2 inch BSP thread, 15mm copper pipe
  Can I attach a power hose to the self cutting tap kit? The self cutting tap kits not suitable if attaching a power hose. However, our professional tap kits are suitable for this purpose, i.e GT1.
FTB786 Measurement of the hole in the bottom of the Lockshield tap key. 6.5mm
  Can you plumb a tap kit into washing machine feed? Yes however only tap kits that come with the FTB1470 which is the longer flexi hose. If you require a washing machine tee the code is FTB789.
FTB1958 Does this tap kit come with a Double check valve? No
  Order to the Channel Islands - VAT Prices are generated on the system inclusive of any applicable VAT therefore we are unable to deduct the VAT for invoicing.
  Siamp If under warranty and past our 30 days guarantee please contact Siamp directly and they will deal with this fauty unit.
  Banico If within the 2 year warranty please contact our customer service team who will send you a free post label to return the unit to us for a reimbursement/replacement.
  Gainsborough If within the 1 year warranty and past our 30 days guarantee please contact Gainsborough directly and they will deal with this faulty unit. You will need your invoice number.
  MIRA If within the 1 year warranty and past our 30 days guarantee, contact Mira directly and they will deal with this faulty unit. 
  Sioux Chief Lifetime Guarantee - Please contact our customer service team who will send you a free post label to return the unit to us for a reimbursement/replacement.

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