Ideal Standard A960489Nu Trevi Therm Gear Slip Clutches Pair

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Ideal Standard A960489Nu Trevi Therm Gear Slip Clutches Pair


A960489NU Ideal Standard Genuine Trevi Therm gear slip clutches pair

A3097AA Trevi Outline - CTV built-in

A3101AA Trevi Compact - CTV exposed

A3102AA Trevi Compact - CTV built-in

A3200AA Trevi Therm MK II exposed

A3670AA Artefact dual control built-in

A3700AA Trevi Outline built-in

A3969NU TT built-in

A3970NU TT Central built-in

A4788NU Trevi TT Shower Th Built In

A4791NU Trevi TT Shower Th Built In

A5500NU TT built-in

A5558AA - no faceplate or handles

A5597AA Moments

A5598AA Moments Thermostatic Shower

A5599AA Silver 3 control, 2 outlet with 2

A5601AA Oposta Thermostatic Shower

A5602AA Oposta Thermostatic Shower

A5603AA Attitude Thermostatic Shower

A5604AA Attitude Thermostatic Shower

A5800AA Alchemy Built in thermostatic for more spares click here

E3115AA Trevi Traditional built-in

E6410AA Jasper Morrison

H2067AA IQ faceplate and cross handle

L6709AA Trevi Outline built-in three

L6744AA Trevi Compact - CTV exposed

L6835AA Trevi Ascari built-in

L6836AA Trevi Kurve built-in

L6837AA Trevi Ascari built-in

L6838AA Trevi Kurve built-in

L6839AA Trevi Ascari built-in

L6958AA Trevi Oposta built-in

L8360AA Serenis 360º Peninsular shower

L8362AA Serenis 360º Corner shower

L8364AA Serenis 180º Corner 1700mm

L8365AA Serenis 180º Alcove 1700mm

L8370AA Serenis 180º Corner 1400mm

L8371AA Serenis 180º Alcove 1400mm