30 inch Replacement INCOLOY Immersion Heater including 18 inch INCOLOY Thermostat BEAB Approved 3KW 2 1/4 BSP Dual Safety RoHS EN 60335-2-73 Approved

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Product Description:

30" Immersion Heater INCOLOY including 18 inch EURODUAL Thermostat

BEAB Approved 3KW Dual Safety RoHS compliant

BEAB Approved - Registration number E9573BS EN ISO 9001

Guaranteed 12 months, providing correctly installed and only subject to Normal operating conditions

Incoloy heater AND thermostat

Dual Safety Thermostat EURODUAL

Anti - Corrosion

Beware of INCOLOY immersion heaters with copper thermostats at lower prices; These are not suitable for hard water areas or Stainless Steel Cylinders.

The manufacturers of Stainless Steel Cylinders all now advocate that ONLY INCOLOY OR Titanium elements WITH AN INCOLOY THERMOSTAT POCKET are fitted. You will find a guarantee exception if one is NOT fitted, then the cylinder warranty will become invalid.

The main reason for needing an element with an INCOLOY thermostat pocket instead of the normal copper one, is that there can be electrolytic reactions between the copper and the stainless steel.

Hard Water Areas: In areas of harder water, INCOLOY is recommended for use due to the resistive properties. Severe Water Areas: Titanium should be used.

The warranty will NOT be honoured if the wrong type of element has been found to be fitted in an area of hard water.

We have Titanium Immersion heaters listed in our shop.

Part P disclaimer regarding fitting of Immersion Heaters and thermostats. It is a legal requirement that these units are fitted by a competent and suitably qualified person in accordance with Part P of the Building regulations and that installations are compliant with all local, national rules and the IEE wiring regulations.


Note: picture shows 14 inch