3 Port 22mm or 28mm Motorised Zone Valve Head Can Replace Honeywell V4073A1039 V4073A1054 V4073A1088 V4073A1062

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Product Details: 3 Port 22mm or 28mm Motorised Zone Valve Head Can Replace HoneywellV4073A1039 V4073A1054 V4073A1088 V4073A1062 This unit is a direct replacement for the following installed with a longer guarantee Honeywell V4073A1039 HoneywellV4073A1054 Honeywell V4073A1088 Honeywell V4073A1062 Honeywell motorised valves made before 1987 will also require a 40003918-007 conversion kit Valves made after 1987 can be identified by a bump on the top of the powerhead British gas no. 378454 Banico Tower Horstmann Save on the large cost of plumbing, and fitting a new 3 port valve; just replace the head This head has the same design, dimensions and cable colours as the Honeywell Three Port Head Fits 22 or 28mm Switch Rating 3Amp 3 Year Guarantee 240 Volt Supply Manual Lever Override Valve Normally Closed Common Cable Colours Brown - Live Orange - End Switch Out Grey - End Switch In Blue - Neutral Green/Yellow - Earth.  Only Suitable for 5 wire connections not 6