Wirquin Jollytronic Hands Free 100% Hygienic Flushing Solution Water Saving 2" Outlet Doc M Infra Red Wc Cistern Upgrade

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Product Description:

The Jollytronic is ideal for DOC M installation or where hands free operation is required

No need to push or pull now to flush the toilet, simply hold your hand above the sensor

The Jollytronic allows the end user to control how much water is required to flush the toilet bowl with it’s unique eco-stop water saving technology

This is a brand new design from Wirquin

This product can easily be fitted to most cisterns which have a 2" outlet( this is the most common UK size) then all you need to do is wave your hand in front of the sensor and you toilet will flush - the length of flush is determined by how long you hold your hand in front of the sensor (Max 6 Seconds)

No touch flushing 100% hygienic 

No touch flushing Perfect for Doc M solution 

Water saving Eco-Stop flushing technology Allows the end user to control how much water is needed to clear the toilet.

Battery operated (4 x AA) Giving 15,000 flushes lifecycle (2 years flushing for a family of 4 people).

Manual over-ride If the batteries fail the sensor has a manual over-ride and can be operated by hand.