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Product Description:

Banging or Thumping Pipes?

Easy to install and with a lifetime guarantee, Water Hammer Arrestors are the ultimate protection against water hammer noise.

Do you suffer from banging or thumping water pipes, every time the basin, bath , toilet or garden tap is turned off ?

Do you regret having that late night bath?

Arrestor can be mounted at any angle

DIY fit

The following parts are included in the kit

Kit contains

1 x Mini Water Arrestor

1 x15mm x 15mm x 1/2 Femate Tee

1 x Roll PTFE Tap

A. Locate source of water hammer and install arrester as close as possible.

B. Turn off the water supply.

C. Install the supplied tee in the pipe

D. Using the supplied PTFE tape fit the arrester to the 1/2" female fitting and tighten with a wrench on the hex nut (do not wrench using the body of the device).

E. Tighten other fittings on the tee

F. Restore the water supply and check for leaks. Tighten if necessary.

G. Silence from banging pipes

PLEASE NOTE: You may have more than one device causing the hammer e.g. one per toilet