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Banging or Thumping Pipes? LG or Samsung Washing machine causing the whole house to rattle 

Easy to install and with a lifetime guarantee, Water Hammer Arrestors are the ultimate protection against water hammer damage.

Do you suffer from banging or thumping water pipes, every time the washing machine or dishwasher valves close?

Do you regret putting on that late night wash?

This device is the solution for washing machines and dishwashers alike

Fits to your washing machine or dishwasher shut-off valve.

DIY fit


Easy to fit. Simply:

Turn off the washing machine or dishwasher water supply at the shut-off valve

Unscrew the hose union from the shut-off valve

Fit the arrester to the shut-off valve: The arrester can be fitted at any angle

Screw the hose to the arrester

turn the shut-off valve back on to restore the water supply and check for leaks.


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Customer Comments

Verified Purchase
We had a new samsung washing machine recently and noticed that the solenoid shutting the water off on the short bursts on fill up was creating a rather nasty banging. After investigating further and asking our Plummer it was a simple case of this arrester that would help. It does EXACTLY what it says on the package and has reduced the banging by an 80% which is hugely better. Came when stated and good value. Very easy to put on although I did need a large monkey wrench to tighten it up. Thank you .
Verified Purchase
Bought a new Samsung washing machine and from day one it caused terrible water hammer in my water pipes when filling. Having searched this seems to be a common problem for some people with modern machines. I was somewhat wary of buying this product but so far it seems to be doing the job. It took me literally about 2 minutes to fit directly to the back of my washing machine. The "hammer" has been reduced significantly. There is still some noise when the machine shuts the water on and off repeatedly - especially during the rinse and spin part of the cycle - but it has been reduced a lot. It will be interesting to see if the noise reduction continues.

Perfect, fixed thumping from dishwasher.

Published 3 months ago by Sanj

Our noisy pipes nearly drove my partner mad. This has been a miracle cure!

Published 1 month ago by Miss Sharon L Hadley