Roca bottom inlet 'Boat' A3l float valve 3/8 inch 822010000 AH0001000R

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Product Description:

Roca bottom inlet 'Boat' A3l float valve 3/8 inch  822010000 AH0001000R


  • 3/8″BSP (16mm actual) Inlet valve fitted to mainly older suites
  • Early Polo, Laura, Dama and Giralda ranges
  • 330mm tall by 130mm wide
  • Adjustable float for water level height in cistern


Roca ‘Boat Style’ bottom entry inlet valve with the smaller 3/8″ BSP thread is installed to a limited range and mainly older designs of Roca toilet cisterns. Features a height adjustable float for added convenience.

NOTE:  This listing is for the 3/8" version of the valve.  Roca also manufacture a 1/2" version.  Make sure you are ordering the correct size.

Note: Check measurements before purchasing. 

Roca have updated and changed their part codes, please find new and old below.

Old code - AH0001000R

New Code - 822010000