RK 1 Repair Kit – Diaphragm with spindle and Spring

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RK 1 Repair Kit – Diaphragm with spindle and Spring


To fit, simply undo the 4 screws on the valve and replace with the new diaphragm and spindle.

These diaphragm kits can be used to replace and repair faulty diaphragms in diverter valves in certain combination boilers.

The diaphragm assembly includes a flexible convoluted black ethylene propylene diaphragm that is clamped between the two parts of the diverter valve diaphragm chamber.

The diaphragm is mounted between two stainless steel discs and assembled on a stainless steel shaft/spindle.

A special notched plate, held onto the shaft by a circlip, accurately determines the domestic water flow rate at which the diverter valve will operate.

A number of helical springs are also mounted on the shaft, designed to balance the movement of the diaphragm and to return the valve to its normal position when domestic hot water demand ceases.