Ideal Standard SV89667 Univalve Delay Fill 220Mm Ballvalve Water Saving

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Ideal Standard Sv89667 Univalve Delay Fill 220Mm Ball valve Water Saving


  • This is the 220mm Height Valve. 
  • For the 270mm Height Version of this Valve then please click here 
  • New version is black, old version was blue
  • Replacement Univalve Delay Fill
  • Pneumatic valve, delayed fill
  • bottom inlet


Is your bog not flushing like it used too, then you've come to the right place. There are many types of inlet valves and for optimal performance you need to purchase the correct one for your toilet, valves come in side entry or bottom entry, again not interchangeable, so do contact us so we can confirm the right one, please see below for our contact information.

You'll find we sell a wide range of Ideal Standard bathroom spares so you can FixTheBog rather than having to replace your suite, saving you money, time and the planet by not filling landfills unnecessarily - so well done you! 

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What purpose does an Inlet Valve/Fill Valve perform

This type of valve in your toilet cistern is the mechanism that enables the water to flow freely into the cistern. This ensures your toilet is able to flush next time you need to clear it. Over time these valves wear out and eventually breakdown.  

Signs that your valve is faulty

  • The Cistern takes longer than usual to fill up:   If  after flushing your toilet is taking an age to refill, it could  be a sign that your fill valve is blocked and water is not flowing through it at the speed it should.    You can check if there is a blockage (such as a piece of limescale or grit), rinse the valve in warm water to remove, flush through.  If after cleaning the valve the problem continues then a new valve should resolve.
  • The flush is weaker than usual or isn’t working at all:   This could be because the valve is faulty and your cistern is not filling properly and initial solution could be to clean it (as above).  If you have just fitted a new valve and this is the problem, then it could be that the float shut-off has been set too low, so you should alter it. 
  • Water is constantly running into the toilet pan/down your overflow:   The valve is not necessarily the only cause for this issue, so other possibilities should also be eliminated.  To test if the valve is faulty and causing the running, if you isolate your water supply and the water stops, then a new valve could resolve the problem.  Another test is if you hold the flush float up as far as it will go, if the water doesn’t shut off or you hear muted screeching noise then it’s time to replace the valve.  If the water doesn’t stop running when isolated then the recommendation is a new flush valve seal (your old one may have become perished), in some instances a new flush valve will be required
  • The rough lifespan of a toilet will depends on how much use your toilet gets, they last anything from 3-7years.
  • Using any kind of cleaning block in your cistern will reduce the lifespan considerably (use cleaning products and blocks in the toilet pan only


If you need any help identifying a product, please do get in touch with one of our Team Bog and we will be more than happy to help. To help us identify what you need with regards to the innards of your toilet, a Brand name if you really want to spoil us and a cistern lid code (imprinted on the underside of your lid) is always really helpful, Oh and pictures, pictures, pictures, we can't begin to tell you how happy our Team Bog are when they get to see your Bog! Pictures looking down into the cistern so our team can see the flush valve is always a winner. Feel free to go picture crazy and then send them to Email Customer Service Or Use our Live Chat option.

Postage and Return 

Postage is calculated at checkout, so our team cannot give you a price with regards to this, (they get asked a lot!) but we can tell you, we have a wide range of options from next day delivery to various Tracked Royal Mail options. Team Bog understand not everyone wants to make an account to find this out but that's how our system works. We're too busy saving one Bog at a time to send out marketing emails so have no fear we wont be sending emails telling you how amazing we are or how gorgeous our push button would look in your Bog, and if all that still doesn't win you over, you can always send our team an email saying you want to be removed from our system - Job done.

Returns - Don't let FixTheBog dazzle you will all our stunning toilet/shower/bathroom spares and order the wrong product - Ask Us - but if you found that what you've bought isn't correct then you are entitled to cancel your order provided you advise us in writing within 14 days of receiving the goods. The goods must be returned to us within a further 14 days of notifying us that you wish to cancel your order and must be in original unused condition, including packaging. Remember to obtain proof of postage or send the item back with Tracking/Signed postage to cover the value of the goods. We are not responsible for items sent back if no proof of delivery can be provided.

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This Product Will Fit

E592301 – A lot Close Couple Cistern 4.5L Single Flush

E796901 – Concept Cube close couples cistern with dual flush valve, delayed fill, 4 or 2.6 L flush

S309401 – Profile 21 Cistern – 4/2.6L Dual Flush

S357967 – Conceala 2 Cistern, Bottom Inlet, 4.5L, Spatula Lever, Delay Fill

S360567 - Sensorflow 21 Conceals Cistern 4L, Bottom Inlet, Delay Fill

S363667 – Conceals 2 Universal Height bottom inlet cistern – pneumatic dual flush valve, delayed fill – no flush plate, 4.5 or 3 Litre Flush

S426201 – Sandringham Select Close Coupled Cistern – 4.5L Single Flush

S426401 – Halo close coupled cistern with single flush valve, delayed fill – 4.5L flush

S427067 – Conceals 2 bottom inlet cistern with single flush valve, delayed fill – 4.5L Flush

E776101 – Santorini Cube close coupled cistern with dual flush valve – 4 or 2.6L flush

J502801 – Playa Close Coupled Cistern with Dual Flush – 4 or 2.6L Flush

S354167 – Conceals 2 6/4L Low Level Cistern

S360467 – Sensorflow 21 Conceals Cistern 4.5L, Bottom Inlet, Delay Fill

S363567 – Conceals 2 low level bottom inlet cistern with syphon, delayed fill and lever – 4.5L flush

S363767 – Conceals 2 low level bottom inlet cistern with syphon, delayed fill – no lever – 4.5l flush

S367677 – Concals 2 bottom inlet cistern – pneumatic dual flush valve, delayed fill – no push button – 4 or 2.6L flush

S426301 – Sandringham Classic Close coupled Cistern – 4.5L Single Flush

S426601 – Sandringham Select Close Coupled Cistern – 4/2.6L Dual Flush

U849301 – Chiani Close Coupled Cistern – 4/2.6 Dual Flush