Ideal Standard A963785NU Piccolo 2 Cartridge 40Mm

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Ideal Standard A963785Nu Piccolo 2 Cartridge 40Mm


Multi Branded Basin Taps

Piccolo 2 cartridge 40mm

A963785NU Ideal Standard / Trevi Piccolo 40mm Lever Tap Ceramic Disc Cartridge

A963865NU is used in the following models:
- B1986AA Piccolo 2 single lever exposed wall shower complete with shower kit
- B1987AA Piccolo 2 single lever one taphole bidet mixer with pop-up waste
- B8064AA Active single lever one taphole bidet mixer with pop-up waste
- B9050AA Isos Sink Mixer R-Mounted Chrome Cast Spout
- B9240AA Alto single lever one taphole basin mixer - no waste
- B9993AA Concept Blue Sink Mixer
- B9994AA Concept Blue Basin Mixer

Manufacturer: Ideal Standard, Trevi
Spare Part: Ceramic Disc Cartridge Spare Part A963785NU
Installation: Push-Fit
Number of External O-Rings: 3

Not only can the Ideal Standard spare part A963785NU ceramic disc cartridge fit in bath taps, it is also suitable for kitchen taps such as the company’s Concept Blue Single Lever Mixer (B9993AA).

Ideal Standard A963785NU Spare Part Installation Guide
This cartridge replacement instruction will pertain to the Alto Single Lever Basin Mixer (B8529AA) and the Ideal Standard kitchen tap B9993AA.

1. Isolate the sink’s water supplies.
2. Put the handle in the “on” position.
3. Pop the red/blue indicator button out to access the screw.
4. Undo the fixing screw. Lift to remove the handle.
5. Remove the chrome shroud and the two pieces under it.
6. Unscrew the brass retaining nut. Concept Blue has a washer beneath it.
7. Pull the defective single lever cartridge out.

8. Apply a coating of plumbing grease on the O-rings of the replacement cartridge.
9. Seat the A963785NU Ideal Standard ceramic disc cartridge in the tap valve. See to it the locking pin (at the bottom of the cartridge) is installed in the right hole in the valve and not in any of the water ports.
10. Reconstruct the tap by returning the parts in reverse order the way it was removed.