HOZELOCK AQUASOLO 3 + 1 SET MEDIUM (GREEN) FOR POTS Ø30 - 40CM 2717 Pack of 4 Ideal for holiday watering Indoor and Outdoor

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HOZELOCK AQUASOLO 3 + 1 SET MEDIUM (GREEN) FOR POTS Ø30 - 40CM 2717 Pack of 4 Ideal for holiday watering Indoor and Outdoor


The Hozelock Aquasolo is a simple watering system that can be used for pot plants in and around your home. Aquasolo ceramic water cones are an innovative way to take care of your precious plants in your home and garden when you are away from home.

This simple automatic watering system consists of a patented ceramic cone and a plastic screw adapter that fits on almost every 0.5 to 5 liter plastic bottle and is set up in just a few minutes. Thanks to the reusable reservoir, the Aquasolo can also be used to provide liquid plant food. It is a handy system for both greenhouse plants and house plants.

The Aquasolo watering spikes are available in 4 sizes Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large with different colors. Each color has a different water release that is precisely tailored to the pot size of your plant. This 3 + 1 Free set with Green spikes is especially suitable for plant pots with a diameter from Ø30 to 40 cm. Depending on the bottle size used, it offers sufficient water for up to 10 days.

Main features are:

  • Perfect for watering pot plants during vacations
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Fits most plastic bottles, 0.5 l to 2 l
  • Available in four sizes small, medium, large and extra large, to suit your plant pot or planter size
  • The 3+1 Set contains 4 ceramic watering cones

Which Aquasolo do I choose? *

  • S = Small (Orange) - for pots with a diameter up to Ø25 cm
    S + 0.5L = 7 days
    S + 1.0L = 14 days
    S + 2.0L = 28 days

  • M = Medium (Green) - for pots with a diameter of Ø30 to 40cm
    M + 1.0L = 5 days
    M + 2.0L = 10 days

  • L = Large (Yellow) - for pots with a diameter of Ø45 to 60cm
    L + 1.0L = 3 days
    L + 2.0L = 4 days

  • XL = Extra Large (Purple) - for pots with a diameter of Ø25 to 80cm
    XL + 1.0L = 14 days
    XL + 2.0L = 28 days

Follow these simple steps for the perfect watering solution:

1. Select the Aquasolo cone according to the size of your pot.
2. Choose the bottle size for the required duration.
3. Fill the bottle with tap water, adding liquid feed if required.
4. Screw the bottle onto the cone, with or without the adapter.
5. Punch a hole in the bottom of the bottle to ensure a flow of water.
6. Water the plant before you insert the cone into the plant pot.

To ensure optimum performance and to ensure a long service life for your Aquasolo, remove the cone every few months and soak in a vinegar solution. Then clean the cone with a brush and rinse in clean water.

Information on watering
* The recommendations are indicative only and based on the most common circumstances. The absorption of the water depends on the quality of the soil, the humidity and the local conditions, such as temperature and exposure to sun or wind.

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