Hozelock 7606 JET PUMP 3000 / 600W

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Hozelock 7606 JET PUMP 3000 / 600W


  • Ready to use Jet Pump
  • Overheating protection
  • High performance with 3000 L/hr and 3,5 bars pressure
  • Robust and durable pump with robust plastic housing


A ready to use jet pump fully equipped with a 7m suction hose, an integrated filter, a curved adaptor and a turbo quick connector.

The Jet 3000 has a clever built in overheating protection to prevent damage to the motor and hydraulic circuits - the thermal sensor turns the pump off in high temperatures.

The pump is able to pump 3000 L/hr at 3,5 bar pressure yet it's design allows operations to be smooth and reliable.

Use stored water and rain water to supply drip irrigation systems as well as conventional guns and sprinklers with this self-priming garden pump. Water from the reservoir is sucked into the pump, filtered, and pumped to the garden. A great way to be more water efficient by using rain water to irrigate the plants in your garden. Can be used with two Hozelock watering products at the same time.

With a very high pressure of 3.5bar, max flow 3,000 lph, this pump provides a higher pressure than the average UK tap pressure, although actual performance does depend on the length and diameter of the watering hose that you use. We recommend a max. length of 40m

The Jet 3000 K7 garden pump provides security against burns: both motor and hydraulic circuits are protected by a thermal sensor that turns the pump off in case of high temperature. The pump chamber is robust, durable and easy to carry Compared to a straight angled adaptor, the curved connector limits the pressure loss and ensures good water flow in the hose. This powerful, high quality pump is quiet in use, and has a two year guarantee.

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