Hozelock 7250 50m Starter Hose

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Hozelock 7250 50m Starter Hose


  • The Ultimate Hoses Tricoflex knitting technology provides fantastic hose reinforcement without sacrificing flexibility, with Soft and Flex technology delivering superb resistance against kinking.
  • Ultralite Technology means a 25% lighter than similar hoses of length and diameter
  • Weather proof with UV and frost protection
  • A 30 year guarantee is provided, proving the hose to be durable, crush proof and long lasting, having gone through extreme testing.


The Hozelock Ultimate 50 metre garden hose pipe offers the maximum in hose flexibility and toughness. Designed with the expert gardener in mind, this hose features five layers; a smooth PVC inner layer to enhance water flow through the hose pipe, a foam PVC layer which gives incredible flexibility with no risk of kinks and also makes the hose lightweight and soft to the touch. The hose also has a knitted polyester layer to prevent expansion and again give excellent flexibility and a tough and thick PVC outer layer. The Super Tricoflex™ technology creates an Ultralite anti-kink and anti-twisting robust hose. The Ultralite technology means the hose is 25% lighter than other hoses of the same length and diameter, making it easy to manoeuvre around the garden and suitable for a range of gardeners who prefer lightweight garden accessories. The Hozelock Ultimate is a fantastically robust hose that is crush proof and long lasting. It is weather proof with UV and frost protection which guarantees that your hose can be used effectively in a range of climates from -20°C up to 40°C. Hozelock are so confident of this quality following their rigorous testing that they offer a 30 year guarantee. The hose pipe features a 1/2" (12.5mm / 13mm) inner diameter and is therefore compatible with 1/2" (12.5mm / 13mm) accessories and connectors.