Hozelock 2628 Car Wash Kit

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Hozelock 2628 Car Wash Kit


Hozelock Car Washing Brush and Hose Set

The comprehensive solution to maintaining a clean car, motorbike or van, this set from Hozelock comprises a 25m (82') x 12.5mm (1/2") hose, a short car brush, a car wheel brush, & the full set of connectors & adaptors needed to get cleaning. Both brushes can be attached to the end of the hose to deliver water as you scrub, & on / off flow control on each helpfully prevents unnecessary water wastage. Each brush is also fitted with soft bristles to prevent scratches on sensitive bodywork or rims; in the case of the wheel brush, these are outwardly angled to improve cleaning performance in narrow crevices. The connector set includes a waterstop connector, which shuts off the water supply when switching between brushes - saving you from getting soaked!

Features & Benefits:
• Two different brush types for effective cleaning of car exteriors & wheels
• Supplied with a 25m hose for improved access on long driveways
• Includes a waterstop connector: ensures spill free accessory interchange

• 25m (82') x 12.5mm (1/2") hose
• Short car brush
• Car wheel brush
• Hose end connector
• Waterstop connector
• Tap connector
• Hose end nozzle