Hozelock 2335 Round Sprinkler Pro 314 Sq m 2n1

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Hozelock 2335 Round Sprinkler Pro 314 Sq m 2n1


  • High Performance Spike Sprinkler
  • Reach a maximum area coverage of 314m²
  • Ultra even coverage due to 2 spray patterns and water powered motor
  • Spike ensures durability and a secure fit in turf or a border during use


The Hozelock Round Sprinkler Pro is a high quality spike sprinkler ideal for watering larger areas of lawn, or even vegetable patches or flower beds and borders. The sprinkler is adjustable to allow it to water either a full or part circle depending on the setting chosen. The sprinkler features adjustment rings on the shaft to allow you to easily select the appropriate setting. The sprinkler features 5 jets and 2 different watering patterns: jet and mist. Jet is ideal for watering lawns and established plants, whereas the mist setting is ideal for watering small or delicate plants and seedlings. The sprinkler is powered with a reliable, water-powered, geared motor that will deliver even water coverage of up to 314m2, at water pressures between 1-10 bar. The Round Sprinkler Plus is mounted on a solid metal spike which will securely anchor the sprinkler into a lawn or border.