Hozelock 22500000 3 way Tap Connector

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Product Description:

Hozelock 22500000 3 way Tap Connector


Hozelock 22500000 3 way Tap Connector

The New Hozelock FlowMax 2 Way Tap Connector allows you to quickly connect two watering devices or garden hoses to a single outdoor tap. It also features a third outlet designed specifically for filling watering cans quickly and easily. In our opinion, this is the ultimate garden tap splitter and makes life that little bit easier.

The 2 way tap connector with Hozelock's FlowMax outlet allows for two connections to be made permanently whilst having one spare for filling watering cans or wash buckets. The FlowMax outlet rotates to allow water to be directed into a bucket or watering can with ease and has it's own separate flow control. This really is the idea companion for a busy gardener with lots of jobs on the go. The twin outlets can host either two watering timers, two garden hoses or one of each.

Product Details:

  • Twin outlet tap connector fits directly to an outdoor garden tap.
  • Hozelock FlowMax outlet for filling watering cans and buckets.
  • Great for water timers for automatic watering systems.
  • Removable Hozelock Quick Click connectors.
  • Fits easily to taps with 1/2", 3/4" and 1" BSP threads.
  • Ergonomic quarter turn flow control valves.

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