Hard Water Double 14" Immersion Heater Incoloy 3Kw 2 1/4 Inch Economy 7

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Product Description:

The 14 inch Double Bend element which is effectively a 30” element which has been bent back once and then bent back again a second time to become a 14” model.
This has the effect of allowing the surface area of a 30” model to impart the heat in a smaller 14” length allowing it to be side mounted, thus increasing overall efficient and faster heat up times.
Faster heat up times is beneficial to Economy 7 systems.
RoHS compliant
BEAB Approved - Registration number E9573BS EN ISO 9001 Approved - Registration number 9902479
3KW - 240 Volts
Guaranteed 12 months, providing correctly installed and only subject to Normal operating conditions
Incoloy heater AND thermostat
Dual Safety Thermostat EURODUAL