Fluidmaster Procp001 Universal Cistern Pack Toilet Flush Inlet Outlet Repair Kit

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Fluidmaster Procp001 Universal Cistern Pack Toilet Flush Inlet Outlet Repair Kit


DIY Toilet Upgrade for Water Saving and a Quieter Operation !!

Complete upgrade kit for your toilet providing a more water efficient system and Quieter operation

DIY install

You can repair your existing Toilet Cistern or convert from an original lever system to the ever popular push button system. Dual flush mechanism allows you to save water, saving you money! Suitable for close coupled & low level WC sets making this a truly versatile kit.


Inlet Valve PRO400UK

Compact, efficient design fits today’s 6-litre cisterns

Height adjustable 230mm-355mm (9-14 inches) to fit most cisterns

Works well with high or low water pressure - no need to change seals

Simple to install without special tools

Fast refill, with an absolute shut-off after every flush

Lasts longer by working with water pressure, not against it

Seals are easy to access; simple to change or replace

Available with UK 1/2" and European 3/8" shanks

Anti-siphon design prevents contamination of fresh water supply

Durable materials stand up to millions of flushes

Narrow profile allows a proper fit in slimline WC cisterns

Adjustment rod raises/lowers water level for ideal flush volume in any cistern

Outlet Valve PRO550UK

Fits both 1-1/2" & 2" cistern outlets (2" converter supplied)

Adjustable flush volumes on full & reduced flushes for optimum water conservation

Fits virtually all toilet cisterns

Overflow is height adjustable from 8.5" to 13.5"

Twist & Release action enables simple maintenance

Cable length is 350mm


1 x PRO400UK Bottom Entry Fill Valve

1 x PRO550UK Push Button Cable Dual Flush Valve

1 x 2" Cistern Outlet Converter

1 x Close Coupling Plate + Bolts + Nuts + Washers

1 x Set of Through Bolts + Nuts + Washers

1 x Donut Washer

1 x Installation Sheet