Fluidmaster Pro Series Pro45B Adjustable Bottom Fill Valve Brass Shank

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Product Description:

Fluidmaster PRO45B Bottom Entry Float Valve

Fluidmaster pro series has been engineered strictly for the professional installer who demands the very best

Fill valve with a 1/2 brass shank

For use in a toilet cistern or storage tank

Long Life perofrmance

Ultra quiet

For high & Compact cisterns, efficient design fits todays 6-litre cisterns

Height adjustable 230mm-355mm (9-14 inches) to fit most cisterns

Works well with high or low water pressure - no need to change seals

Simple to install without special tools

Fast refill, with an absolute shut-off after every flush

Lasts longer by working with water pressure, not against it

Seals are easy to access; simple to change or replace

Available with UK 1/2"; and European 3/8"; shanks

Anti-siphon/backflow design prevents contamination of fresh water supply

Durable materials stand up to millions of flushes

Narrow profile allows a proper fit in slimline WC cisterns

Adjustment rod raises/lowers water level for ideal flush volume in any cistern

Water supply enters cistern from below water level eliminating noise of cascading water


1 Fill valve

1 Nut

1 Combi washer

Installation sheet