Fluidmaster Flush Valve Handle Adaptor Conversion Kit 507Ukk071 Saves Water

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Fluidmaster Flush Valve Handle Adaptor Conversion Kit 507Ukk071 Saves Water


Flapper Flush Valve 1-1/2" & Front Mounted Handle Adaptor Kit

Complete modern replacement for old style flush valve using your existing cistern handle

Code: 507UKK071

Complete modern replacement for old style flush valve including a unique handle adaptor for use with existing front mounted cistern handle

Flush valve fits most toilet cisterns with a 1-1/2"; outlet

Adjust A Flush Flapper with dial to set a custom flush

Light touch operation requires less effort to flush

Easier for children & the elderly to operate, without struggling against a syphonic action

Works efficiently with todays 6 litre cisterns

Ultra simple maintenance - simply snap on new 502074 flapper if necessary

507UK Flush Valve is not suitable for old-style double trap toilets

Kit Contains:

1 x 507UK Flush Valve

1 x Handle Adaptor

1 x Installation sheet

The Fluidmaster Advantage

In the environment conscious climate we live in today we're all too aware of the need to reduce pollution, keep a small carbon footprint and save water.

Our range of products will therefore come as a breath of fresh air, where for a minimal cost, you can replace your old fashioned syphon and ball cock cistern for a modern Fluidmaster product.

The Fluidmaster cistern uses a float valve which is quiet and efficiently replaces the water as it is used, whilst the flapper allows a small or larger amount of water to pass into the toilet bowl to rinse efficiently and effectively.

This allows just enough water to do the job without flushing away water wastefully.

Fluidmaster products are easy to fit for a person familiar with DIY. Alternatively, you could call on the services of a friend with DIY experience or a plumber.

Today cisterns are made to hold 6 litres of water. When siphons were first introduced, they had 12 litres to use. The siphon worked well with this large amount of water as this is what they were designed to use. However, due to sensible regulations it has gone down eventually to the current 6 litres.

Current syphons are inefficient when compared with Fluidmaster products which are designed to work with less water in the first place.

A Fluidmaster flapper is capable of dispensing the correct amount of water for the job and has a built in overflow. This removes the need for the a costly overflow pipe during installation.