Fernox Energy Saver F6 Lower Your Heating Bills

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Fernox Energy Saver F6 Lower Your Heating Bills


Add to your central heating system and save up to £## per year on energy bills! One 500ml bottle can last up to 5 years! Fernox F6 Energy Saver is designed to improve heat transfer efficiency, helping to conserve as much energy as possible. The Fernox Energy Saver F6 is introduced to the system permanently and is compatible with all metals and materials.

The Fernox F6 Energy Saver is available in 500ml bottles and can help maintain your system efficiency.

F6 Application Use One bottle of Fernox F6 can be used to treat a 100 litre system, that's up to 10 radiators. For open vented systems F6 should be added via the header tank.

For sealed systems add via a filling loop or the radiator using a Fernox Injector.

Improves heat transfer efficiency

Can contribute to lower energy usage

Is left in the system permanently

Compatible with all metals and materials

Helps maintain system efficiency


Product code: 60216

WINNER - Domestic H&V Product of the Year H&V NewsAwards 2012

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