Dudley Turbo 88 8 Inch Siphon Duoflush 313639 Wras Approved With Syvac Aspirator

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Dudley Turbo 88 8 Inch Siphon Duoflush 313639 Wras Approved With Syvac Aspirator


Dudley Turbo 88 8 inch Siphon Duoflush 313639 WRAS Approved with Syvac Aspirator

In addition, the Turbo 88 has long been the installers preferred choice when replacing most flushing syphons currently available.

The Turbo 88 can be fitted with confidence into the majority of plastic and ceramic cisterns (close-coupled, low level, high level and concealed units)

Its patented design means that the Turbo 88 can be serviced in under five minutes.

In domestic and commercial installations where leaving a toilet out of use for long periods whilst servicing takes place is impractical, a Turbo 88 should be fitted as a matter of course.

With its patented Duoflush facility, the syphon provides water-saving benefits in most domestic and commercial applications.

The Turbo 88 has delivered reliable, efficient and effective flushing for many years.

Thomas Dudley Ltd has now enhanced the design with the addition of a water-saving Duoflush facility.

When the lever is depressed and released, the Turbo 88 delivers a full flush that is as reliable as ever. However, when the lever is depressed and held down, the Duoflush facility is activated delivering a reduced flush.

The Turbo 88 is the first syphon with full and reduced flushing capabilities to comply with the Regulators Specification and is available as an optional extra in most low level Dudley plastic cisterns.

Supplied with a SYVAC air extractor for twin trap syphonic WC pans.