Dudley Niagara Syphon 2 Inch Wc Flush Valve Dual Flush Wras Siphon 313348

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Dudley Niagara Syphon 2 Inch Wc Flush Valve Dual Flush WRAS Siphon 313348


The Dudley Niagara is a WRAS approved WC flush valve offering dualflush full and reduced flushing capabilities.

The Niagara is manually operated by chrome plated buttons that fit into the cistern lid

Uses - The Dudley Niagara has been designed for use in close-coupled or low level WC cisterns with an internal height of between 330mm and 408mm.

Special Features: The Niagara has a maximum width of 85mm making it suitable for most modern cisterns including narrow portait designs.

The push button has easily recognisable segments for full and reduced flushing.

In addition to the chrome plated, a gold-effect is also available.

The bayonet fitting valve body enables simple removal for maintenance whilst a silicon rubber outlet seal is provided for long life.

Silicon rubber outlet seal for long life 50mm (2";) outlet as standard with optional adaptor to 38mm (1 1/2";)

Available for close coupled or low level WC suites