DIY Upgrade for SIAMP Skipper 45 flush update to Water Saving Dual Flush 2017 Model

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Product Description:

Use the Optima S as a upgrade for your aging SIAMP Skipper 45 Dual flush valve , to the 2017 model Dual Flush

No plumber required

Just Twist the existing value and twist in the new one and fit the new button

and enjoy water saving and Dual Flush Flexability

Optima S is a fully adjustable dual flush valve, very easy to install

Its water saving and quiet fill delayed action inlet valve allows you to save up to 5 liters of water per day.

Can be installed into ceramic or plastic cisterns, for replacement or as original equipment

Push button: dual flush

Actuation effort below 20 Newton

For lid holes ranging from 16 to 50mm, with or without collar depending on the diameter

Button off-center +/- 15mm

Stirrup: adjustable in increments of 10 mm

Adjustable overflow, in increments of 10mm

Adjustable small flush, from 2l to 4.5l (no cutting required)

Adjustable deadwater level up to 60 mm

High flush rate of 3.5l/s

Foam pan seal supplied for compensating pan irregularity