Broysan Self Contained Waste Water Macerator Pumping Unit for Showers toilets washing machines baths operating below the nearest Sewer

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Broysan allows you to realize an additional bathroom, kitchen, laundry room even far from the soil stack without needing any major construction Broysan is a box containing a powerful and silent macerator which allows to discharge waste water through a small diameter pipe (30 or 40mm) to the nearest soil stack

Broysan can be connected to a toilet with horizontal trap. Through the additional side connections it's also possible to connect any other bathroom's devices and the waste water from any other device.

Power 400 W

Power supply 220-240V 50Hz

Maximum Discharge distance 100m

Maximum Discharge height 8m

Discharge pipe Diameter 23/28/32mm

Dimensions 420mm x 300mm high x 180mm Deep

Input Voltage AC 220-240V, 50Hz

Input Power 400W

Degree of protection IPX4

Max. Input flow 14.5 l/min

Horizontal discharge 100m

Discharge head 8m

Discharge hose 23/28/32mm