Brass Y Piece 3/4 inch BSP add extra connection for Fridge Dish Washer or Outside Tap

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Product Description:

Brass Y Piece

3/4 Inch BSP (Standard Washing Machine / Dishwasher Hose Thread)

Run Two Machines From One Supply

or add Outside Garden Tap to existing Washing Machine outlet

Brass Y piece with a union / loose nut to facilitate easier fitting. Position the Y piece just the way you want and then simply tighten the nut to secure in position.

Splits one 3/4 inch BSP (standard thread size for the end of washing machine and dishwasher hoses) connection into two, could be used to connect a dishwasher and washing machine or fridge or outside tap to the same valve. Also useful if you only have a cold supply and your older washing machine needs hot and cold water supplies.

Brass is the metal of choice for quality plumbing fittings, this heavy duty fitting is much stronger than the normal plastic Y splitter.

Complete with sealing washer.