Aqualisa 022802 Combi Pink Thermostatic Cartridge Shower for combi boiler systems

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Aqualisa 022802 Combi Thermostatic Cartridge Pink Shower 022802


  • Pink thermostatic Bi-Metallic Cartridge
  • Suitable for use on Combi Boiler water systems
  • Aquamixa, Aquavalve 200/400, Aquavalve 600/430, Opto Thermo Concealed
  • 1 Year Guarantee


The pink thermostatic cartridge uses our patented bi-metallic coil to precisely control the temperature of your shower. For use with Combi Boilers only. Built in fail safe - should one water supply become blocked, the shower shuts down. A Yellow, Green or Blue regulator should be fitted into the end of the cartridge depending on the Kw/BTU rating of the boiler.

Please do note, due to this being an electrical product, the packaging comes with a security seal from the manufacture, therefore if the seal is broken we are unable to provide a refund.

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This Product Will Fit

Genuine Aqualisa 022802 Pink Multipoint Thermostatic Cartridge (which is for combi boiler systems). The cartridge comes with the gasket and fixing screws.

Aquatique Showers



Thermostatic Cartridge Replacement Guide

We advise that when replacing the cartridge, that you change the cartridge like for like. Cartridge replacement is generally straightforward, however the operation may involve the removal of some small components and therefore it is strongly recommended that after draining down, the waste outlet be covered to prevent loss of any parts.

Before commencing cartridge replacement, please ensure that you familiarise yourself with the location of all relevant isolation valves and that they are operational. Systems, which incorporate a pump, must be electrically isolated and the controlling fuse removed before commencement.

Before fitting the replacement cartridge, it is recommended that the ‘Base’ or ‘Hot Water’ O-ring is also replaced. Certain products require the O-ring to be fitted into the waterway inside the body; others require the O-ring to be fitted onto the T Tube on the rear of the cartridge. A new O-ring is supplied with the cartridge.

To maximise product life, your new cartridge is protected by a two-part filter system. The hot water element is a push fit insert situated at the base of the cartridge centre tube and cold filtration is achieved by a captive mesh in the cartridge gasket. It is of course imperative that this new gasket is fitted with the replacement cartridge. Should flow rate problems develop at some future time, it is suggested that the first course of action is to check the condition of these items.

Pressures: All Aqualisa cartridges are designed to control static pressures up to 10 bar (145psi). Where pressures are likely to be excessive, a pressure reducing valve (PRV) must be fitted into the incoming mains supply. A setting of 4 bar (60psi) is recommended. It should be noted that daytime pressures approaching 6 bar (80psi) can rise above the stated maximum during periods of low demand – typically overnight.

Cartridge Number 022802 Thermostatic – Identified by a PINK ring on cartridge face. Control of unbalanced systems such as combination boiler and multi-point water heaters. Please note: There is a coloured flow regulator that sits in the bottom of the T Tube (hot side); where applicable this flow regulator should be used with the new cartridge. Please refer to page 7 for specific flow regulator information relating to combination boilers.

For optimum performance, replacement pink cartridges, part number 022802 for use with showers fitted to combination boiler water systems, are now supplied complete with a flow regulator fitted into the hot inlet port at the end of the T Tube of the cartridge. The replacement pink cartridge is factory fitted with a YELLOW flow regulator suitable for use with a 24kW (80000Btu) combination boiler. 

If the shower is fitted where there is a 30kW (100000Btu) boiler in operation, the factory fitted regulator should be replaced with the OLIVE regulator. Similarly, if the shower is fitted where there is a 35kW+ (120000+Btu) boiler in operation, the factory fitted regulator should be replaced with the BLUE regulator. If in any doubt as to your boiler rating, please contact the appliance manufacturer prior to the installation of the replacement cartridge commencing.

Changing the flow regulator
If the factory fitted YELLOW regulator is compatible with your boiler, please follow the instructions for your particular shower as detailed within this cartridge replacement manual. However, if it is necessary to change the regulator to suit your relevant boiler, please follow the instructions opposite.
- Remove the flow regulator housing from the rear of the cartridge T Tube, using a small flat bladed screw driver if necessary
- Fit the suitable replacement OLIVE or BLUE flow regulator assembly, as detailed opposite, into the cartridge T Tube ensuring that the O-ring faces into the incoming flow of water.
- Once the relevant regulator has been installed, fit the replacement cartridge in accordance with the instructions for your particular shower as detailed within this cartridge replacement manual.