3 Port Solar 28Mm Motorised Zone Valve Actuator

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3 Port Solar 28Mm Motorised Zone Valve Actuator


3 Port Solar 28mm Motorised Zone Valve Actuator 

The ZVS range 3-port spring return valve has been designed for use with solar thermal systems, operating at a temperature of 120°C with short term peaks of up to 160°C. The internal components has been made of material suitable for use with both the glycol fluids used in solar systems and the high temperature experienced in normal operation.

The valves can be used in both heating and solar systems and can be used to zone off additional storage tanks, for heat dumping circuits, and to control or divert in place of pumps

3 port valve diverter rated to 160°C and performs the function of a diverter valve in both heating and solar circuits. The valve, without electrical supply applied, allows flow from AB (the inlet middle port) to outlet port B. When the motor is energised, the valve then switches, diverting the flow to port A. In addition, a manual lever is built into the actuator to open the valve to all ports for maintenance, system filling or commissioning.


CE : CI02410

ISO 9001:2000 GB00568

Manual Override

Technical Data

Voltage: 230Vac

Power consumption: 6W

Cable length: 1 metre, 5 core

Fluid temperature: +5 to +160°C

Max ambient temperature: +60°C



White - Heating on

Blue - neutral

Grey - Hot Water Off

Green & Yellow – earth

Orange Boiler and Pump Live (auxiliary)

Mounting Options:

The valve may be mounted vertically, or horizontally but should not be mounted so that valve head is below the horizontal level of the pipe work