3 Port Mid Position valve 28mm Compression fitting V4073a

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Product Description:

This 3-port spring return mid-position valve is for use on fully pumped systems which when correctly wired with an appropriate room thermostat, cylinder thermostat and programmer will control the water flow from the boiler to either to hot water only, heating only, or to both simultaneously

Spring return action

Three position operation

Powerhead replaceable without draining down

Manual lever for filling/draining down

Quiet operation, minimal power consumption

Provides electrical output to boiler and/or pump

28mm Compression Fittings

Technical Data

Voltage: 230Vac

Power consumption: 6W

Cable length: 1 metre, 5 core

Fluid temperature: +5 to +88°C

Max ambient temperature: +52°C

Wire colours:

White – Heating on

Blue - neutral

Grey – Hot water off

Green/Yellow – earth

Orange – Hot water boiler pump live


CE : CI02410

ISO 9001:2000