2 Port 3/4" BSPF Heating Water Motorised Zone Valve Actuator Can Replace Honeywell Horstmann

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Product Description:

3/4" BSPF 2-PORT MOTORISED Compression fitting two port

230 Vac, 6 W power consumption.

5 Core, 1 metre cable length with ‘industry standard’ colour coded wire.

Max amp temp 60°C, Media temp 5 to 88°C

Manual lever for filling/draining.

Port A is normally closed when there is no power


CE : CI02410

ISO 9001:2000 GB00568

Manual Override

Technical Data

Voltage: 230Vac

Power consumption: 6W

Cable length: 1 metre, 5 core

Fluid temperature: +5 to +88°C

Max ambient temperature: +52°C


2-port spring return valve has been designed in general to be used in commercial, industrial applications and on central heating systems which when correctly wired with an appropriate room thermostat, cylinder thermostat and programmer will control the water flow from the boiler to hot water and from boiler to central heating

2-port spring return motorised zone valves with an auxiliary switch


Blue - neutral

Brown – live

Green & Yellow – earth

Orange – end switch out (auxiliary)

Grey – end switch in (auxiliary)

Mounting Options:

The valve may be mounted vertically, or horizontally but should not be mounted so that valve head is below the horizontal level of the pipe work