Macdee Kayla Dual Flush CPL62CP Compact Concealed WC Pneumatic Toilet Cistern 6 Litre Outlet Front And Top Access Bottom Entry

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Macdee Kayla Dual Flush CPL62CP Pneu Compact Ii Concealed Wc Pneumatic Toilet Cistern 6 Litre Outlet Front And Top Access Bottom Entry


Does Not Include Button

Replacing the original Wirquin JollyTank and Rivalling the Thomas Dudley Miniflo Concealed Cistern Macdee have added to the already very popular range of Cisterns comes the new Dual Flush Version of the CPL41CP the CPL62CP with 2" outlet

Kayla valve has an adjustable overflow three dual flush options and will work in almost any concealed cistern. More importantly perhaps with the long flexible hose you have greater freedom to position the flush button further away from the cistern making installation ultimately flexible.


Height: 320mm

Width: 336mm

Depth: 140mm

Valve Details

- Extra Long flexible pneumatic hoses allow push buttons to be located further away from the cistern

- The overflow can be adjusted to suit most cisterns making the kayla valve perfect for retro-fitting

- Macdee's distinctive grey adjustable float and top make it easy to identify the Macdee Kayla in any project.

- A removable valve body means the valve mechanism can easily be replaced without having to remove the cistern.

- Dual-flush volumes can be adjusted to give flushes of 6/3 litre 5/3 litre of 4/2 6litre to optimise flush water used.

- Standard 2" (bore) outlet connection

How does the Kayla Cistern Work?

Most flush valves work using mechanical connection such as rod of cable between the push button and the valve mechanism. The new Kayla valve is pneumatically operated through flexible plastic hoses instead; when the flush button is pressed the increased air pressure in the hose activates the valve and flushes the WC.