Immersion heater spares
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Immersion Heater spares at FixTheBog

We offer a variety of replacement immersion heaters enabling you to replace yours when it breaks. 

The immersion heater is the heating element that is situated in your hot water tank. It is easy to identify. The exposed part looks like an upturned cup and can be found at the top of the tank (top entry) or at the side of the tank (side entry).

In most households the hot water is also heated via a heating coil from the boiler with the immersion just a back up.

We sell Incoloy and Titanium replacement immersion heaters.

Titanium are best used for hard water areas as they are well suited and it will unsure a prolonged lifespan.

All our replacement immersion heaters come with a thermostat BEAB approved.

If you need any help finding which heater you need, please use our live chat or give is a call 01635 733700 and one of our team will be more than happy to help you.